The Holi Fesival, or “festival of colours”,
is a hindu religious fest, which at the start of Spring, sets the beginning of a new annual cycle.

It is a time for forgiveness, redemption, renewal, and a great popular gathering.
According to the legend, the skin of the god Krishna turned into a deep blue colour after a demon attempted to kill him by poisoning his milk. Unhappy with his colour, the boy was jealous of the perfectly white complexion of his girlfriend Radha.
One day, Krishna complained about this injustice to his mother, so she replied to him that he should paint Radha’s face, this way they would look alike. Krishna, who was a mischievous boy, did so and gave Radha’s face a dark blue colour. Since then, during Holi,hindus paint each other faces with several colours in order to celebrate equality between men and to wish each other a prosperous year.
Over the course of the morning of the Holi, with the help of bang and alcohol, the party gets to an intense paroxysm, the whole landscape is transformed by the sprays of colour, nothing and no one is spared. Fervour is intoxicating.
Despite being a religious fest, the ritual of Holi has included over the years many modern additions such has the use of wigs and water guns.
All people is welcome. And Holi shit it’s fun mess!

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